Online Peer to Peer tools create awareness, generate interest, and drive participation, But the day of your event is what creates a lasting impact.

If you are still using spreadsheets on paper and online-only payment solutions on the day of your event you’re wasting time, losing money, and missing a huge opportunity to engage and retain participants.
It’s time to expect a day-of experience that is as digitally connected and seamless as your online tools

“Returning walk participants raise 3x more money on average than a new participant.”

2016 Blackbaud Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Study

The 4EventDay Mobile Platform picks up where your online tools leave off:

Sync from your P2P site, even on the day of your event to get the most current registrant information and fundraising totals.

Check-In by participant name, by Team, or by using a barcode emailed to each participant prior to the event

Register new participants on the day. Have them sign digital waivers, streamline the data capture, and collect other valuable information about each participant.

Full offline functionality. No coverage? No Problem! You can even continue to swipe credit cards with our proprietary PCI compliant payment integration.


Features built for any type of event:

Run/Walk Bike Swim
Assign bib numbers on the fly - transmit info to timing company in real time Enforce fundraising minimums with CRM live sync Check-Out feature ensures that you know when all your participants are out of the water [Swims]
Sync data across all devices to avoid duplicate check-ins, eliminating Set up deferred payments if participants have until a future date to complete their donation commitment Pull rider emergency contact info by scanning bib [Bikes]

These great orgs are ready 4EventDay:

SAA go2 puw
Lupus Joe AFSP
friendship Ridefor

About Us

Grassroots Unwired is built on the philosophy that mobile-first technology can be customized and utilized for the greater good. From door to door campaigns, to face to face advocacy and fundraising, we make outreach more efficient and effective.

With 4EventDay, the Grassroots Unwired team is taking all the strengths of our platform and applying it to run/walks, bikes, and swims - picking up where a non-profit’s online peer to peer tool leaves off - at the day of the event.